The Quest For The Holy Grail aka Jenni’s Book

I have given myself a new mission-call it my Quest For The Holy Grail. Or the hunt for Jenni’s Book.
Jenni, the owner of the oasis that is Little Acorns book shop in Derry, lent me a copy of her own favourite book.When she gave it to me she lovingly wiped its cover clean with a piece of cloth she had in her hand-and i knew this really IS her favourite book. I’ll be returning it to her-but now I have decided to hunt for my own copy of it. I am going to go round as many second hand book shops as I can. I am NOT going to use the beast that is Amazon. I may add a few extras to my mission-maybe get a similar “local” type book. I’ll take a photo of the shop and maybe tell the owner what I’m up too. Would be an added bonus if there was something unique from that shop like a bookmark.Suggestions are welcome. I’ll also try to donate one of my own books and scribble some sort of a code in it-maybe start something. Like in that John Cussak/kate beckinsdale movie “Serendipity” (incidentally i am ashamed to say i have no idea what my favourite word is-“to the gerdythesaurus Robin!” I cried
Now when I give her, her treasured book back-I have a few of my warped humour influenced lines to come out with:-
1.When she says “Did you enjoy it?” I’ll say “ Yes I did-actually I have dog-eared the pages and highlighted my favourite lines.”
2. …yes but when I was photocopying my favourite bits some pages fell out but I taped them back in again with some masking tape
3 yes, but I spilled some hot chocolate over it when I was reading it in the bath last night
4 yes, but I was so scared of getting it dirty I had to wear auctioneer gloves when I was reading it.
But I think I’ll just say “yeah-it was great, and tell her of my Holy Grail Mission.”
So this is my first blog on this thing. And support your local independent book shops folks. If they are half as good as this one -you have a diamond that you should make sure does not lose its shine.

Photos and better layouts will follow soon. i may even mention my outdoor cycle/rambling trips on here too.And maybe make an effort to check over this thing too.


3 thoughts on “The Quest For The Holy Grail aka Jenni’s Book

  1. Marni says:

    Excellent idea! I wish to Godspeed in your quest. I think you should give her all your funny lines when you return the book and see which one makes her laugh most.

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