Book Quest Mission -the first leg

Well the Holy Grail quest has begun. On Saturday I visited two second hand book shops. Some thing I have noticed about second hand book shops-they are like Dr. Who’s Tradis. From the outside they look tiny and you get the impression that you’ll find nothing-but once inside you wonder how they get so much in there, and the DO actually look bigger on the inside.
Second hand book shops have a better atmosphere/smell than the new ones. The two I visited first are not far from where I live. Well, if I were to be pedantic-this is the second two. Because, I have been to two in my work town. I have also been to a couple or three of those charity shops (well you never know). I hate, and believe you me I REALLY hate to admit it (confess?) but I know I can get the book on Amazon. But then that would take the fun/challenge out of this search. Maybe I should set myself a deadline for this goal? Maybe some rules too. Like not travelling over a certain amount of miles just to look for second hand book shops. Or is that more fun doing that? I COULD phone/email the shops asking if they have the books?
Anyways here are the first two shops in my quest. Both shops had a pretty good layout and the section(s) I wanted were easy to find. I did not get a chance to talk to the people in the shops. The person in “The Book Shop” was in a little cubicle –which was a bit of a downer for me. Looked too stand-offish for me. On checking their Facebook page it seems to be all about computer games,movie toys-nothing about books so a point lost.

Featured image
Now a couple of people recommend the other shop-which was only a 4 mile drive from my first port of call. And it was worth the drive-I almost bought a book in this one. This one also had some used vinyl (with stickers remarking on the condition) some good choices at most reasonable prices too-maybe another visit sometime, for this one.Dealer was not locked away in a cubicle and was sorting shelves too

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And nothing to do with the search, but I got a copy of “Animal Farm” in my favourite one-to help pass time while waiting at hospital the other day. Had forgotten how much I enjoyed this book. One of the very few books I enjoyed at school. For some reason now I feel the urge to read “Lord of the Flies” again now-is there a link here?

second leg coming soon


2 thoughts on “Book Quest Mission -the first leg

  1. Marni says:

    I like the idea of you scouring the countryside for used book shops in your quest for this book. It is, of course, more time-consuming than sticking to a certain geographic radius or calling the shops ahead, but it also makes for a better story and, perhaps, a better feeling of accomplishment (?) when/if you do finally find the book you’re looking for. Also who knows what other great finds you’ll discover along the way? I’m living vicariously…. : )

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