mullaghananeany in the rain

OK we’re not so much a club, we’re just a bunch who like to go out for a ramble. We DO occasionally do a walk on a beach or through a forest-but truth be said-we like our hills.
There is something about getting to the top of a hill (or to be technical the peak,the summit, the trig point) and looking down at the land beneath you. Or when you clamber down the other side and, when at the bottom look back up at what you have descended. Both give you a real feel good feeling.
Today’s walk was up over Mullaghananeany –which I believe is the third highest in the Sperrins. That’s another thing we have noticed-everybody seems to go for the highest and not the second highest, and so on. It’s not that we don’t like seeing other people, but there is something about the solitude at the top of a climb, or even beside a forest lake.
Back to today’s walk. Weather was not the best, pretty threatening to be honest. At the start we met a bunch of young cyclists with heavily packed bikes-turned out they were training for a Duke of Ed expedition –“all this for a bloomin’ “ badge I said, but was put in my place when I was told “It’s not the goal, it’s the journey that counts.”

anthony demonstrating a rain dance he saw in usa -it worked, only too well

Featured image
Getting near the top of the peak the weather had deteriorated somewhat and we could not get the views we were hoping for. One member of the group remarked, “Now isn’t this better than sitting with your feet up watching TV?” I said “With a big mug of tea, a packet of chocolate hob nobs and 2 or 3 Sunday papers? Yeah it sure does.” Now you have to be a rambler to understand that. The whole fresh air, movement, and landscape. Even on a day like today-you still see something. At one point we crossed the same stream 3 times (you had to be there.) And when we stopped for our feed we discussed some very intellectual subjects e.g. the logic in charging £35 for a thermos flask (we could not work that out) .
Much that we enjoyed the ramble it was great to get home,into a showered and dried out. And,dare I say it –sitting down with a mug of tea and the Sunday papers.
Ok more pictures

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2 thoughts on “mullaghananeany in the rain

  1. Marni says:

    Ah, what a beautifully-written post! You really capture the satisfaction and philosophical angles of getting out in nature, conquering a peak, and reveling in the solitude that can only be found in nature. As usual, love the photos!

  2. I really like one of those photos- (they’re all great, of course) the one with the slanty brown, the mountains at a different line, and the mist in the background. It appeals to my eyes.

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