the crabbit man rambled

Another year over a new one just begun. Well 2014 is done and gone. It was a pretty good year for us. Although we did not manage to get to the much loved Lake District we DID manage one weekend trip on our own fair island. And we had perfect weather for it too. Numbers were way down for this one-but worked out well.
We also discovered that doing a much taken walk in a different circle make a big difference and we saw things from a different angle.

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We also discovered bits we never saw before over my favourite-Binevenagh. You think you know a walk until you take a few steps to the right or to the left.The last time we were round Binevenagh the weather was near perfect and the views were breathtaking-we could easily have sat all day at the lunch spot, taking in the view-it was just one of those days.And due to a bit going off course-we almost WERE there all day.

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We made an attempt at the North Sperrins Way-but we have not officially finished it yet (story only 3 of us will get)-so that’s something to look forward to in 2015.The first leg of this walk turned out to be our longest both distance and time wise for a local walk.And a good one it was too.Brendan almost starved Anthony on this one (that wasn’t the good part, I hasten to add)-umm i previously put this in as the causeway coast challenge-but i was corrected. The causeway coast challenge was another one we did-which to be honest was not much of a challenge, despite being along the wonderful Giant’s Causeway.
The weekender in 2014 was done at Glen Colmcille in Donegal. I have cycled and stayed here a few times so I know it is a beautiful part of the country. I also knew of a marvellous beach there which came as a hidden extra surprise to Anthony and Breandan.
We got wet a few times too-seemed to be the norm for us, for a while. A couple of times we had to cut a walk off early it was so bad. But sometimes a cloudy misty sky was actually quite picturesque-and one of those “you had to be there” moments , but huddled under a group of trees in the rain looking at a map and deciding what to do next has a certain “something” about it.
We have also gotten into the habit of going for a coffee/tea somewhere after a walk now-when there is somewhere that does that. Adds to the whole social aspect of the rambling that I love so much about this pastime.
Sometimes we got more than a little off course and after looking at a map and calling a gps some colourful names, we wondered if we’d be home before it got dark. But HEY! Sure I’m typing this now.
My game of taking a stone from one hill to another has taken a new twist. I now write something on the stone and place it somewhere. A stone I put near the top of Errigal was found by someone else-and he took a photo it and put in on our facebook page. Will be interesting if anymore are found this year.

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I read this somewhere else, it was actually about cycling- but it applies to rambling too. It is one of those exercises that you can adapt to suit yourself, you’d be surprised how easy it is to gain speed and momentum at a relaxed pace. OK rambling is not about speed-but you’d be surprised how quickly this hills you once struggled up become just a bump in the road. So any virtual ramblers out there –get out and do something. The regulars in the group were not always this agile. And there are some hills that are still a challenge to us. There is nothing wrong with stopping for a breather going up a hill, and when you see what you’ve come up so far you get a good feeling.

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So here’s to 2015, hope to see some new faces and boots, some new places and the usual craic.And I’m too lazy to edit this

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