the story so far…

Well I am into my second month of my new life in retirement. To be honest I am still in an annual leave mode. Somebody told me that (with her experience) it could be a year or two before it hits me that I am not going back to work again.
One of my ex-colleagues told me that she should know this week if she is eligible for the next exit group, and she is so jealous of me. Mind yous, she went on to say that the new office they have been moved too is gorgeous and modern-but then because of the new open plan layout it is “not the same.” I made a list of the things I actually MISS from not working-in some sort of order they are:-
1. The Craic and people (but according to my es colleague, the craic is not the same now-and can be very quiet)
2. The free stationery (yeah! Yeah! I KNOW that’s stealing and the £1 shops have loads of stuff-but come on, lifting stationery is almost in job description)
3. Habits. Yes habits. Friday for me was Treat Day. I would get an jam turnover from local garage,a newspaper with an entertainment supplement and I would treat myself to a coffee from one of the chain coffee places (Costa). (Friday morning is the only time I do this. The bakery next door to the old work place did a cup twice the size at half the price. Usually it was OK-BUT once in a while they get it right and it is better than the one from the big chain).
4. Getting one over on my supervisor on my Friday treat. (I did not clock in until I had finished my coffee, turnover and paper read) Once or twice he asked me why I had no work done when I had been in from 8 a.m. I would tell him to look at my time sheet-was good getting an apology from him.
5. The unwinding cycle after work in the summer months, the buzz on a Friday at home time. 2pm on a Monday (Nobody but me seems to get this one. Once you are half way through Monday it’s a downhill cruise to the next weekend)
6. I miss the moaners-I had a don’t give a monkey’s attitude –just do what I’m told and get on with it. In an old workplace I worked with the very worst-so I knew that place was not so bad. My don’t give a toss attitude did me no harm.
7. Oh! The printer at work!! Great for printing off boarding passes and the like-no printer at home.
ANY WAY I am being pretty frugal now and am watching my spending-and it’s working OK. Hope to try to slip in another USA trip in the autumn. Still have a list of things I want to do-but taking my time on that. I HAD planned a trip to Galway this weekend but I forgot it’s a bank holiday weekend down there-so may do it next weekend instead-or even Thursday to Saturday, or Saturday to Tuesday-I mean I don’t need to ask for a day off now


One thought on “the story so far…

  1. Marni says:

    Sounds like you’re settling in well! I would miss some of those things too, like the routine and definitely the social contact with coworkers. But like your old coworker pointed out, if you had stayed, it would not be the same office place and you might miss those same things anyway.

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