Is there such a Thing as a Happy Ending? Does being cryptic work?

I suppose, thinking back it was really idiotic,stupid,foolhardy, a big mistake and so on and so on. But what’s done is done now. In a way I am glad I did it. I felt I had too.I had nothing to lose, even though I knew it would not get anywhere, I HAD to do it. I went miles outside my comfort zone-even light years outside my comfort zone. Some people have this impression that I am confident-well I am NOT. I am timid, shy-even cowardly. Only problem here was, I did not get the reaction I was hoping for. Never happens the way it does in the movies, does it? Maybe I said it the wrong way? Maybe I’ll know better next time? Yes, I think I WILL know better next time too. Word it differently; I’ll still be me when doing it though. Hopefully next time it’ll get a better reaction, even if it is another rejection.
If I could go back in time, (butterfly effect scenario again) I think I would still do it, only word it better. But maybe NOT the tacky little present (you are going to have to email me about that).
So, I’ll just put it behind me and move on. That’s all I can do, see the funny side of it. That is something I am actually good at doing. Way back when, my life was actually in danger (seriously it WAS) with Barmy Brenda-a potential bunny boiler she was, but I can see the funny side there-in fact I can even see a good side to her too. Believe it or not, she got me out of a really bad period of my life.
ANY WAY that’s it. And why is this blog under this heading? This one would normally be under another blog heading that I do. My only cryptic answer there is-you never know. It may just get a reaction…Maybe there is such a thing as serendipity after all? Answers?


One thought on “Is there such a Thing as a Happy Ending? Does being cryptic work?

  1. Marni says:

    How did she react then? I didn’t ask about that. I knew it was “no, thanks” but what was there more than that? I’m still proud of you for telling her how you felt. That takes such courage but if you hadn’t done it, you would have regretted it forever, even had a lingering “what if” hanging over your head. Proud of you!

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