I ‘ve been off this for a while now. Taking a kind of break,hiatus,gap,rest, lazy fit-call it what you may. The crabbit man has been doing a fair bit of traveling/moaning.

Let’s see-I’m living in the land of retirement just over a year now and still loving it. Occasionally I DO get a little bored and I wonder what would I doing at work if I was still there-and THEN I realize life is so much better.

I’ve redone (or should that be I have started to re-DO) a bucket list. One item is to try to get away abroad at least once a year. And on Friday of next week (30th September) I am bound for Boston (or is is Boston Bound, answers on a post card to the usual address). Doing a bit of homework/reading up , so I have an idea what I want to do/see. No doubt I’ll be looking for second hand book shops,record shops, somewhere decent to eat, real Boston bars away from the touristy ones with decent music (on a blog I heard someone called Will Daly-so I will be hoping to see him.) I want to get outside Boston on at least two coach/boat trips and see the New England countryside and maybe a little town in the small town America atmosphere. I’m not meeting up with anybody this time-so it’ll be a pretty good adventure. I’ll be sending myself a post card too-a new thing I have started. Not sure if I will get away with the stone this time.

In May my little rambling group was over in the Isle of Skye. We had near perfect weather-breath taking views. Not often you are bothered with midges AND snow. If you are interested here’s a link to the photos.

This was my first time in a hostel-it was actually quite enjoyable. But if I did it again I would try to do it with a group that would be big/small enough to take up a room-rather than share with strangers. I suppose that way we can safely lock our gear in the room when we head out for our exploring. The train journey to and from at start and end had outstanding views and there was no way any body would want to be reading a book during it.

In August I was off on my usual cycling holiday. For 95% of the time we had superb weather-sunny skies AND a tail wind. I knew most of the small group. Much that we enjoy each others’ company, I was a little disappointed that I was not meeting any new people-so perhaps next year I’ll try not to meet up with the same people again. On the first day I managed to get lost on my own (as I always do). I decided to call at a house and get directions or find out where I was. The door was answered by a stunning blonde woman wearing only a short dressing gown. Now I knew that there was no way I would remember what she was going to say as my mind was elsewhere, thankfully she called her boyfriend to explain better. Here’s a link to pictures from THAT trip-none of her I’m afraid to say.




So hopefully I’ll be back with stories to tell of Boston and its surroundings soon-and maybe a new venture I am contemplating. AND as yous can see I’m still to lazy to spell check.  But i WILL be back




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