He’s on the go-well nearly

Well it’s not long to go now until The Crabbit Man travels to Boston (MA I think). Excited as I am, I am having a typical grumble or 2, or even 3 (come on now-I AM The Crabbit Man.)

  1. The cost of the hotel in Dublin the night before the flight is pretty high, considering breakfast is not included. BUT!, and I say BUT!-there is a complimentary “snack” on the first leg of my flight/ Oh! I fly Dublin to Heathrow and then Heathrow to Boston. Doing this saved me about £180.
  2. The flight time from Dublin is at 7:40 am-and you need to be there 3 hours prior to check in-so this could mean (even with my minimal packing system) I would need to be up and away at about 3 am-hopefully I’ll get a bite to eat at airport-or I’ll munch on an apple on shuttle to the airport.
  3.   The hotel in Boston charges $17 a night for use of internet,the gym,phone calls,newspaper each day, and something else (NOT breakfast) whether you use them or not. But I believe most hotels over there does this now. I WAS tempted to take out my trainers/shorts and use the gym in the morning-but decided could be doing better things than that.

The shopping list/things I want is very short. As leaving fight is not until 22:40, I think I could get them on the last day-and what do I want?

Something Redsox connected-a baseball cap/bobbly hat/gloves

A decent pen with Boston on it

Some sort of notebook/journal/day to a page diary with Boston on it

Cycling gloves for the winter

A little Herbie car (I asked for one in the Disney shop  in Belfast and the girl did not know what I was talking about-where DO they get their staff

Some local writing (short stories or something), a cd by a local band/singer (the new Pixies album does not count-although I hope to get a copy too) hopefully I get to a bar where I can catch decent music.

A book from a second hand book shop with a bookmark. Maybe secondhand cds too-don’t think I have room for vinyl…or do i?

A good table tennis bat, if I can get one with my name put on it, that’ll be even better.


I’m hoping to get in some exploring-do a couple of guided tours/walks/boat trips round the city, and get outside the city to see at least one small town and of course the New England countryside. Might even try to get to a movie, just for the experience. And no doubt i’ll see something silly that takes my fancy when I’m over there…




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