thoughts on veganism and something

Hi folks

I was watching a TED talk (why do they have that name?) which was basically a big push to go vegan. Now I must admit I have given up red meat –but I still really like fish/sea food and the odd bit of chicken or turkey. AND cheeses and some dairy products. Some bits of the TED talk were quire harrowing. I think this is a link to the talk-kept until the end of this. She does make some pretty good points. But we are pretty high up oin the food chain, and some of them wildlife films I have seen have shown various animals killing other animals for THEIR food, and it is not quite humane (if you know what I mean, or something). AND how do we know that an apple does not scream in pain when we pluck it from a tree and munch on it.

It got me thinking, and some of you know I have a pretty warped mind-you could have guessed that from that last statement. Now here’s what I was thinking. What if we had a world leader who decreed that we all had to become vegans and this applied to humanity for time ever after. What then would  become of cows? What need would we have for them? Would they be roaming wild in the hills and when they died what would happen to their bodies? Same with pigs? I can easily manage without the red meat, but I would really miss the fish. But I suppose if I was introduce to some really good vegan meals I would go that way. But I don’t like cauliflower –needs to be drowned in cheese sauce for it to work for me. I hope I get some comments here.

On the other hand I had a great run on my bicycle  (aka the gerdymobile) on Sunday. No idea how many miles and I don’t care (think it was around 40 odd). At the start I was taken to an old graveyard where I aim to get back to with my good camera as it was very picturesque  (picture here taken with my little compact) We had a slight detour –due to an odd reason (my buddy realised he left his water bottle at a pit stop we had a good few miles back, and the water bottle came with his bike and had the bikes name on it-boardman). On the way out we had a pretty steep hill climb and we had just descended the downside of it, so, yep, we had to do the climb again-and this time into a head wind. And near the end we had to contend with heavy traffic gushing past us. We stopped for a bite to eat near the end too. Normally cyclists get a sugar boost –a mars bar and a sugary drink (or a coffee if lucky)-but not him, he was searching the little shop’s shelfs for various breads,cheese spreads,colesaws , hams (I made him get chicken). A culinary experience it was. Much that I enjoyed the ride I was glad to see the cars and get home for a good hot shower.

Like I said comments please on my ponder and suggestions for a new diet-or is the fish and milk enough? and as always too lazy to spell check and read over this.



5 thoughts on “thoughts on veganism and something

  1. If i thought about it hard at all I could make a case for several food ideas you’re dancing around here. More power to you, whatever you choose. I know lots of people who are vegan.
    I saw something this morning that we’re poisoning our fish (who are in turn poisoning us) with microfibers from our fake fabric clothes. I’ve seen one or two pieces of information about chicken factories. I’ve been in a humane milk farm that made me want to vomit every second I was there. What we do to animals either for our own consumption or by accident is obscene.
    Is vegetarianism a healthier lifestyle for our machines? Maybe. But we were also engineered to eat meat.
    Now back to the serious matter. Cauliflower.I’m not a huge fan of it. But I’ve discovered the most amazing recipe. Roasted cauliflower with turmeric and/or cumin. I can eat it like popcorn. It is chock full of the good stuff.

  2. Fish and milk aren’t enough. You need iron. Eat steak. Lots of it. If we had a WORLD leader? You obviously must not be from the USA. We would tell that world leader to piss off and continue eating cow, chickens, deer, and every other source of meat as if someone had only impolitely farted.

    • I understand your point here bgddyjim-but that idea was for “an alternative universe” point of view. Coming from a farming background i know all about the short lifespan animals have-but what i was kind of saying was apart from food/means of survival for us, what use would we have for cows and the like? Believe you me, I do enjoy a well done steak oozing in pepper sauce or a big chunk of gammon with parsely sauce. Just my warped mind here

      • Perhaps I overreacted then. That would definitely be an alternative universe. Let’s just say, because we are not talking about this universe, that world leader wouldn’t have a very long life expectancy after the decree.

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