Wish I Could Be Here…or There

I don’t know folks are things REALLY ever as they seem in the movies or TV shows? I watch some shows and there seems to be some idealistic place with colourful friendly characters that I would love to move to. I have seen/and still watch stuff like:- “Northern Exposure,” “Local Hero,” “Hamish Macbeth,” and think that I would love to pack my bag (yes bag-I don’t need much) and retreat to one of these wonderful little places where I will be welcomed with open arms and hugs that are as good as Carolyn’s . Take it from me folks Carolyn gives REALLY good hugs.SOOO good you don’t want to let go.And it is a let down when she lets go-cos there is no way that I want to let go first!!Yeah my idea of heaven would have to be a hug from Carolyn.
Even in the soaps new characters just walk into the local grotty pub and before closing time they are bosom buddies with practically everybody.
Yeah,my dream location is a small village with no wi-fi ANYWHERE, No television. You have to make an eight mile trip for any internet connection. A radio station like KBHR in Northern Exposure. I would love to do a show like Chris in the Morning. I could call it Gerdy Rambles On. I would also need a Maggie character too, someone I would call by her surname and she too would call me by my surname and we would have the whole love hate relationship and people would be wondering about the whole are they/aren’t they-will they/won’t they thing.
Back to “local hero” I like the idea of the weekly Ceilidh for the trad music and characters at it.
Of course today in the real world it doesn’t quite work like that. I would be treated with some suspicion and it would take a while before I would be accepted by the community-pity.
But knowing MY luck the place that I land in would be like Sumerisle , or even like “the village” in “The Prisoner” or even Royston Vassey (can anybody remember that show without going into a search engine-I remembered the show but had to search on the village name).
So is that too much to ask for? A hugger like Carolyn, a sparring partner like O’Connell, KBHR,no wi-fi and friendly colourful people, weekly Ceilidh, OH! And the phone box like in “Local Hero” and Jenny Seagrove in the wet suit too… and a hugger like Carolyn (I know, I know !! but boys do I miss her hugs). Cue the music from “Local Hero” and picture of the village with the phone in the phone box ringing…


One thought on “Wish I Could Be Here…or There

  1. I’ll have to watch Northern Exposure again.
    I don’t know if I could live that small. And I love my internet. Plus. Alaska has no sun in the winter. I think I would not do so well with that.
    I would enjoy your radio show, though. So do it.

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