But I’m Not SUPPOSE To Like It

It took me some time to get into music. I think I was as old as 14 or 15 before I discovered what was to be the ruination of my school days. The first single/45 I bought was (and I still have and I still like) was in December 1972-a re-released copy of “Nights In White Satin”-The Moody Blues. Don’t think I liked much of any of their other stuff. My brother who is a year younger than me was my source of education. The first single HE got was “Whiskey in the Jar” –Thin Lizzy. The first album/lp he got was “Aladdin Sane”-David Bowie. I can’t remember the first album I got-think it may have been 10cc’s first one. They were a pretty good band, but primarily a singles band. I decided to do some home work and check out the old stuff that I missed, and became drawn to Buddy Holly for some reason. In 1979 I got a boxed set called “the complete buddy holly.” This was absolutely everything that he recorded-even stuff in his apartment. My local record shop miss-priced it and I got it for (wait for it) almost 1/3 of the price it should have been. I spent a whole day listening to it – I don’t think I ever played it again. last year I gave it to the man who runs a very good second hand record shop in Derry (N.I.).

Now being a typical teenage boy there were some groups/singers I was not suppose to like. The teenybop stuff, the stuff that all the girls seemed to like mainly because the singers were “lovely.” I even pretended to like stuff I did not like or sometimes even heard. When I got older I realized that some of that stuff was actually quite good. It was not until he died, and a work colleague (1979 now) made me realize just how good Marc Bolan was . So here is my Top 10 of songs I like by artists that I am not suppose to like. You have to be a certain age (or even nationality) to get some of them. In no real order-here they are, guilty pleasures I suppose.


  1. “Crazy Horses”-The Osmond Brothers
  2. “Back For Good”-Take That
  3. “Stop”-The Spice Girls
  4. “Rocky Mountain High”-John Denver (this song actually cheers me up when I am feeling low)
  5. “Escape (the pina colada song) –Rupert Holmes
  6. “Never Be The Same Again”-Melanie C
  7. “I Want To Be Your Underwear”-Bryan Adams
  8. “Rock On “-David Essex
  9. “Angels”-Robbie Williams
  10. “Young Guns (Go For It)-Wham


So reader(s) what is the one song YOU really like that you are not suppose to like?

A couple of years ago I saw a great group called Beggars Velvet and they did a good cover of the pina colado song-I think I was only person in the crowd who knew who Rupert Holmes was .I also think it was then that i realized i liked this song.


2 thoughts on “But I’m Not SUPPOSE To Like It

  1. How come we only get ONE song and you get 10?
    Here’s what you get from me and too bad for that.
    First, John Denver makes me happy too. His songs. His life makes me sad. I have a couple songs I really like or that move me somehow. Matthew is one. (which was always our boy name choice, perhaps because of the song, perhaps not) Poems and Prayers and Promises. Starwood in Aspen. His songs do nice things.
    I happen to really like the Monkees.
    I totally dig the Prince song “Erotic City” which is completely naughty. And i kinda really dig the song “Crazy bout a Mercury” by Alan Jackson, i think.

  2. didn’t want to put yous under any pressure-but if you want to do 10 that’s BETTER. i remember once john d’s record company dropped him when he recorded a song that was anti nuclear war or something-he went up in my estimations for that-but like i said bring ’em on-and thanks to EVERYBODY for the comments

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