Bucket list 2 and more

For some reason I have redone my bucket list. As usual in my own way of doing (or wanting to do) things are trivial, even daft-even huh? But then it’s MY bucket list. Hopefully as things get done I will ad to it.

BUT yesterday I decided to get on the gerdymobile and go for a wee cycle. I have decided to go that little bit further each ride now. Normally when I am on my own it is usually around 15-20 miles. Yesterday was a glorious day,so I just HAD to get outside. When I got to the point where I would turn I decided to head on towards the beach-Benone. This is a beautiful beach, pretty close to where I live. Part of it was actually used in “The Game of Thrones”-so there! At the usual turning point the sign said Benone 5 miles-hmm I thought 5 miles out, 5 miles back means an extra 10 miles-nothing wrong with that. When I got to the beach I munched on my obligatory banana and took in the glorious view. On the return trip I called in at an old graveyard that I was always curious about, and then at a little café for a dam fine cup of coffee (and I said that to the waitress) and a scone. Then homeward, calling in at a local shop for a 99. I checked my little speedo thing expecting 20 miles  and it read…35.3 miles.

So next time I’ll be pushing for the far end of the beach which is another 5 miles out.

ANY WAYS the typical me bucket list (so far-can’t get the colour change to work for the reasons)

  1. Go on a long train ride –possibly one with a sleeper thing (been reading Paul Theroux recently and this has fuelled this idea)
  2. Holiday abroad once a year ( abroad is anywhere outside Ireland, even England or Scotland-but preferably a bit further-more in an email Marni)
  3. Buy 3 x £10 scratch cards –or even 6 X £5 ones or 15 X £2 ones in one go (told you this was silly-that’s a very extravagant waste-will be using coins in my loose change money box for that one)
  4. Bet £20 on a long shot (if I win a lot on the scratch cards I’ll do this £20 on a horse with odds of 20/1 or something with “a name I like” )
  5. Get a car valet (just too lazy to do it myself)
  6. Get a tea-leaf reading (don’t believe in this stuff-but curious, and with a “big burfday” coming up-is this not a better time than ever?)
  7. See a proper Shakespeare play on stage (preferably Macbeth-and live on stage not one of those “live telecasts” in a cinema)
  8. Have a REAL Chinese meal (or Japanese or Vegan one) ( I know the stuff you get in them takeaways are not the real thing-so want to see how much different/better it is)
  9. Experience a cruise (a couple of people have told me I would hate this-the whole being boxed up in the one place and all that-but I’d like to try it just once)
  10. Send a note in a bottle (would have thought everybody would like to do this)
  11. Talk about what ails me without being pushed to do it (it takes a lot-and I mean A LOT to get me to open up-think the last time it took 2 or 3 pints of something to get me to talk)


And that’s it so far-as I tick things off  I’ll ad more and blog about it. And as you know i am just to lazy to spell check and read over.



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