party on dudes

A quick HAPPY 4TH OF JULY !! to all/both of my American readers. Dam the british and all the other solgans you shouted back in 1776 (i think). Do any of yous wish to go back to the old style pre indo day ? naaah don’t think so. i know a Dubliner who wishes THEY could go back to old ways (the man’s an idiot)

ANY WAYS hope yous has great weather (was pretty miserable here, if you’re watching the boring golf you’ll know that). And yous got a day or two off work to get out and do things you love to do.

I’ll be down Dingle way cycling in 2 weeks time-hope weather is favorable and there be some feisty dames in the group.

Might be a grumpy blog coming soon, i have a lot on my mind, and need to let off steam.

Currently reading and enjoying a Paul Theroux book and listening to to wonderful album (vinyl) “Damage and Joy”

and you lot?


3 thoughts on “party on dudes

  1. hi!
    not practicing a festive approach this year. it’s somewhat hard to feel patriotic and whatnot.
    enjoy your upcoming ride.
    I look forward to reading what’s on your mind.

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