here i go again groan and moan

I’ve grumbled about this before-the old what if? mumble. Some of you know I took an early exit from work just over 2 years ago. Early exit? Early retirement ? call it what you want. I got a nice little compensation payment to tide me over until my official pension started. I worked out how much to get by on monthly for the almost year and a half before the official pension started. Well the official pension starts next month-I got another nice little hand out along with it.

Now my what if questions about other careers/jobs have stopped. When I get those annoying calls trying to sell me a pension plan, I say “I’m a retired civil servant.” This cuts them short, they apologise and say “your pension is best out there, there is no way we can beat that”

Donegal Joanne told me that I am very good at taking myself out of things. True, I keep wondering what will go wrong if I try something. With my savings and that nice little hand out, I have enough to buy a house and furnish it (well enough for me) and will still be able to get a holiday or two a year. My last job actually taught me how to be frugal and be prepared to pay for things. So now I am actually starting to talk myself out buying a house. I am visiting an estate agent (real estate person?) to make an appointment to view a house. My buddy is an architect, he said that he will come along with me and tell what needs to be done to fix it up (if anything). I suppose my biggest worry is being in the house on my own. Now I love the outdoors, so if I can help it I’ll only be there when it’s time to go to bed and get up for breakfast.

I have seen a couple of houses I like –one is next door to my sister-it was she who suggested this one. Good location, space for car and my architect buddy gave it the thumbs up. Was in town looking at another house today. A new house “new turn key house.” And VERY nice it was too. Very compact, as that’s what I want. But no space for car, street parking and it is about £16 or £17,000 cheaper than the other. BUT there are loads of other houses around it-no idea what neighbours will be like and with such a cheap price (less than £100,000) I would imagine people will be buying houses here to rent out. My brother seems to think living next door to family is a big mistake. He has pointed out another house in town cheaper. I’m thinking just tell estate agent –look I can get these cheaper. To be honest I prefer house beside sister location wise –and location IS important-isn’t it. Mind you, shame about that new house.

On a lighter tone yesterday’s cycle ride was  FANTASTIC !! glorious weather. A couple of old graveyards, an old abandoned railway bridge, saw the rich area and well a good day.

But still, never realised house buying was so tortuous-peope coming at me asking me why I am looking where I am looking and why am I listening to certain people.

Does anybody else think buying a house with a sibling as a neighbour is a mistake? now i DO get on ok with her.

No time to edit-well i do, but i’m just too lazy


3 thoughts on “here i go again groan and moan

  1. You’re so perky! So nice to see.
    I’m excited about your house idea. Very cool. I think you’d know if moving next to sibling is a bad idea. If you don’t, then it isn’t. That’s my gut feeling. Get the house you want.
    Nobody’s business why or where. Everybody has an opinion. The only one that matters is yours.

  2. thanks carrie-pity sue never sees this-think she would have a thing or 2 to say too. At end of the day location IS very important to me. Here’s a link to the new house i liked-pity about location noticed another near my sister-gonna check that out too. But i am very lucky and i get on with just about anybody. Somebody has actually told me that he envys me that i can do it. I tell him the secret is that it is actually easier to get on with someone that it is not too, takes no effort to just get on-he says he doesn’t get how i do that-thanks again

    • The secret to getting along is not to be bothered. Some of us just can’t do that. 🙂
      The house looks cute. 3 BR and 2 1/2 baths. I’m a little jealous. Although I must say that it looks like the stairs up end at a toilet and the stairs down come out of a closet.
      And you really gotta get on well with your immediate next door neighbor.

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